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German Cream Cheese Buttercream aka Best-Ever Cream Cheese Frosting

Best-Ever Cream Cheese Frosting

Things have been a little heavy here lately. And we need to have a serious talk about frosting. Because it pains me when people say they don’t like frosting. True story: I feel this way. You have been fed a lot of bad frosting in your life. Heck, some of you even like it. (If […]

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gluten free broccoli quinoa superfood salad with radish and goat feta

Food Matters | Broccoli Quinoa Salad

This post is part of the Food Matters Project, a cooking collaboration from a wide range of food bloggers. Each week, I will cook a recipe from Mark Bittman’s Food Matters Cookbook, which places an emphasis on mindful and sustainable eating. Follow along with us! My posts for this project can be found here. Today is a Food […]

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Pastry Basics: Pâte à Bombe

This fantastic creamy delight is one you need to have up your sleeve. Why? Because you can use up the egg yolks that are left over when you make something like merengue frosting or macarons. (Waste not, want not 🙂 ). Or maybe just because it is one of the most decadent things you might […]

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Mixing Methods – Egg Foam

The second installment in my series on mixing methods. (did you miss the first one on creaming?) This time we are talking about the egg foam method. It sounds super exciting, right? This is the method that is used for creating those super fancy French gateaux and genoise and jelly rolls. Oh, and angel food […]

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