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A spring in my step : Honey Lavender Ice Cream

Yes, darlings, I have been over-sharing a bit lately. Or just sharing. Spreading some awareness. But awareness is exhausting. I need a break from telling you so much about myself. Because, soon, you are going to know me better than I know myself. And, besides, it is spring. It even momentarily was get a pedicure and […]

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Honey Lavender Doughnuts

I want to live on doughnuts. I feel like they might be the secret key to getting through the next month. When Blondie and I were blueberry picking, the farm had herbs that you could pick too, and we grabbed some lavender because that is not in my garden. I love the scent of lavender, […]

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Ricotta with my mamma

I really love going home. My mom’s kitchen is twice as big as mine and it is filled with exotic ingredients and fancy pots and a tool for everything. (Yes mom, it was me that took the purple sticky rice & the cranberry beans). But more than the fancy kitchen is the sense of home […]

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