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gluten free sweet potato tart

GF Ratio Rally: Tarts

This post is part of the Gluten-Free Ratio Rally, a group of gluten-free bloggers inspired and empowered by Ruhlman‘s Ratio and started by Shauna at Gluten-Free Girl. We get together each month and post many different takes on the same theme. This month that theme is Gluten-Free Tarts and the rally is being hosted by Charissa from Zest Bakery. The […]

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gluten free pumpkin mousse pie

GF Ratio Rally: Pumpkin Mousse Pie

I am going to dedicate this post to my mom. She helped me pull together the recipes for this month’s rally while I am supposed to be on bed rest. And this month you will really see where I get my baking sense from. Oh, you read that part where I am on bed rest? […]

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Gluten Free Blueberry Almond Pie

Hidden secret pie

I was going to wait to post this pie. I made it this pie this weekend so that I could have a successful crust recipe to use for the Pie Party today. But I couldn’t keep this to myself. Blondie & I went blueberry picking this weekend. I had wanted to make jam but we didn’t […]

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Pie party!

There is an internet pie party today. There are nearly 1500 people participating. So, here’s my first ever attempt at pie. There were peaches at the farmer’s market. I had to wait 20 minutes in line for peaches, now that there is variety (and fruit) there are three times the number of people shopping at […]

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