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GF Ratio Rally: Raspberries & Cream doughnuts

I might have a thing for doughnuts. I made 3 kinds of baked doughnuts earlier this summer with grown up flavors like honey lavender and ginger brown butter. (I might have also shown you that I have a ridiculous sweet tooth with those powdered sugar doughnuts). When we were kids, doughnuts were a special tradition. […]

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GF Ratio Rally: Confetti Cake

I can’t believe that it has been a month since I posted about making gluten-free pasta from scratch. Or, that just 2 months ago, I was making cream puffs and apricot dumplings. This month’s challenge: white or yellow cake. It is the host’s daughter’s birthday, and we are all bringing cake to the party. When […]

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This post is about doughnuts.Rich, chocolate doughnuts. And maybe some bittersweet thoughts. Nope, currently I don’t have any of those. Currently the only thoughts I am having are about how to keep the kitten from trying to sit on my chest while I sit and type this. And how to train him that feet are […]

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Powdered Sugar Doughnuts

I might have made a third type of doughnuts. How could I not? The mini doughnut pan that I got for my birthday is just so adorable. Blondie picked it out hoping he was going to get some doughnuts…too bad these will probably all be gone by noon. I am going to have the basic […]

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